Program Data

When you step into a Little Scholars Academy, the first thing you will likely notice is the cleanliness of the school. We pride ourselves in providing top shelf facilities that fosters creativity, exploration and growth.

Little Scholars has a dedicated team of teachers that are committed to education and early child-hood learning. It is a requirement that all teachers be continuous learners and accumulates a minimum of 30 hours in early child education each year. Our teachers will give your child the love, attention and care needed for them to excel in their classroom.

Each Little Scholars classroom is brightly colored with stimulating colors that encourages learning. Classrooms are appropriately designed with learning centers to make education fun and exciting. Students are allowed to explore, create and use their imagination to the fullest. But that's not all; you can follow them throughout the day with our parent web cameras, allowing you the opportunity to be a part every moment of the day.

"The number one thing I value about Little Scholars program is my son is actually learning. I feel like the children whom attend Little Scholars are smarter than other children his age who attend a daycare, not an actual school. My son is two years old and can name his shapes, sounds, animals, colors, alphabet and count in English and Spanish"

Jessica Cryer
Occupation: LM Department